How to be an effective leader in the dance studio

As dance teachers, we’re called upon to be the ultimate leaders. Leading students, parents, other teachers and audiences. There are plenty articles written about the skills effective leaders possess. But how can you be an effective leader in the dance studio?

Learn to say, “no.” Then, actually say “no.”
It’s crucial to you and your students that you enforce the “no.” Your time in the studio is valuable. Protect it by setting limits and enforcing them with that all-powerful word. “No” also helps you mange the expectations of parents and employees. It’s only one little word, but it can also be an important tool against lazy dancing, tardiness, absences, missed payments (the list goes on…)

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.
You don’t have to be the one rhinestone-ing costumes, typing up announcements, picking up the t-shirts, editing everyone else’s music and teaching all your classes. Learn to give parents, employees and office managers some of these tasks. Bonus, by delegating, you’re also teaching others to be leaders.

As a dancer, you know how to adapt — no lights? No problem. Music cuts out? No problem. Now, take that adaptability and apply it to your business. Whether that’s a studio you run or a handful of classes you teach around town. A teacher no-show? Combine classes. Customers paying late? Give them an incentive to pay early. Take a look at the situation and make it work.

Do you ever think your students aren’t listening to you? (Does a cat, meow?) Dance teachers know how to break steps down in a million ways until every student gets it. Do the same with your newsletter for parents, your emails to prospective customers and your employees. Clear communication creates a strong base of trust and an open dialogue between everyone will foster a sense of community in your dance world.

It all comes back to this — you make money when you’re teaching. So say “no”, delegate, adapt and communicate. But above all, get in that studio, teach and make the money.

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